Comments and Reviews

Ron and Sydel Wischan
"We thoroughly enjoyed Joy's cooking. Her culinary skills are impeccable and the menu items were all so fantastic we really couldn't decide which dish was the best. Her uses of fresh ingredients and farm raised goods only heightened the quality of the meals served. Joy has such a delightful personal demeanor which is so kind and honest. The attention to every detail of our meals was incredible. She went the extra mile for us catering to our 1 year old grandson who accompanied us on the trip. Her tenacity to get our 13 year old son to try new items was quite impressive and he loved all the new meals. Her flan and passionfruit desserts were two of our personal favorites. Also, she gave us insight as to what to do while in Santa Teresa. We highly recommend her services and look forward to our next visit so that we can again be pampered by Joy."

Eli and George Kenny
“Traveling and eating out have always been two of my greatest pleasures. Since discovering I had severe food allergies five years ago, the pleasure of both has decreased. It has been difficult to find food that was safe for me to eat - never mind delicious. That changed last January when we spent a week in Santa Teresa and had Joy cooking for us. We were a group of six and while the others had preferences, I was the only one with allergies. It was clear after our first meal that I had no reason for concern - I could relax and look forward to enjoying each meal.
Joy took immense care in sourcing food. We enjoyed freshly caught fish, local organic produce, and delicious baked treats. I had not enjoyed breakfast pastries in years but each morning Joy prepared, special for me, gluten/dairy/egg free muffins and scones. I have tried many products from stores and specialty bakeries but most of them taste pretty bad. Joy has some kind of magic - each morning felt like Christmas to me as she brought out the fresh baked goodie of the day.
I had also pretty much given up on desserts, but Joy also had the magic touch with those - custards, cakes, and amazing creamy coconut chocolate ice cream. One of my all time favorite foods had been fish or crab cakes. Joy managed to make some for me that were the best I've ever had. I am still trying to replicate the Vietnamese rice noodle salad with chicken we ate for lunch one day - a clean, delicious, perfect lunch. We are headed back to Santa Teresa in December and while the beach is beautiful, I think I dream as much about Joy's food as I do the sand, sun, and waves!”

Heidi Hansen & Sam Bloxten
“We had the pleasure of experiencing one of Joy's eight course tasting menus! It was magnificent in every way! Her presentation and flavors are truly artistic! I'm still dreaming about the butternut squash soup with little meat balls, brown butter drizzle, and crispy sage pieces on top .........oh my and that was just the beginning! It was a perfect way to spend a special evening! Thanks Joy you are so talented!”

Lorna Woodford
“Joy has cooked for us twice and we are coming back for a THIRD experience! We have been lucky enough to sample her delicious baked goods as well as her savory dishes, she got up at 4am on our last morning and delivered to us fresh out of the oven, homemade scones and muffins and her amazing brittle. We devoured them all on our long journey back to the States as our flight was delayed six hours! Joy skillfully coped with the food demands of seven women, all with our different quirks-vegan, kosher etc. She offered up creative suggestions and each meal was delicious and presented beautifully. Her gazpacho & ceasar salad are sublime, just to name a few items. She always has hors dʼoeuvres waiting for us when we first arrive, after our day of traveling to get there-which is very welcoming. She picks the freshest local ingredients and is so creative with how she puts her dishes together. Every evening we would walk the path from the beach back to the house and the glorious smells of her cooking would waft towards us- heaven ! Joy always has a big smile on her face and is just a pleasure. We feel like we have a friend cooking for us and one that spoils us rotten! I really cannot say enough good things about her! The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so try her citrus flan and do not forget to ask for some brittle,or her chocolate mousse... ”

Kathy Ames
“Joy cooked for 6 of us during our week stay in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. We enjoyed two meals a day of the most amazing food, and could not have been happier! Joy prepared creative meals using only the freshest of the fresh ingredients, including fish that was spear-caught from a surfboard only a few hours earlier! Her food is top-restaurant quality, reflecting her training and talent. My personal favorites were a fish salad on grilled eggplant, and a citrus flan that was melt -in -your mouth yummy! Aside from her incredible meals, Joy is a pleasure to be with—always smiling and taking requests with enthusiasm. I cannot wait to enjoy her meals and company on our next trip to Costa Rica! ”