Private Chef Joy Turk in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Joy Turk is happy to present The Savory Sweet Life. She has a deep connection with all things food, science and nature. She worked in many restaurants including NYC's 3 Michelin starred Per Se and 2 Michelin starred Corton. Lives in the jungle of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica with a german shepherd named Tug, and a cat named Kitten and spends her days as a mad scientist of savory sweet.

Furthermore, she is a serious audiophile and loves movies with dark sarcastic humor. She hates overripe bananas and bad surf etiquette, has heard ghost voices in the dark, chants "nam myoho renge kyo" daily, learned how to ski at 2 years old, practices Ashtanga Yoga and sings in the shower.

Her personal heros are Cleopatra, Alice Waters, Sally Fallon, David Attenborough, Bill Murray, Ferran Adria, Julia Child, Edward Abby, Michael Pollan, Jacques Cousteau, Howard Marks and Harold McGee.

She believes that food is the foundation of health and vitality, is incapable of being a braggart, and is incredibly happy to make a meal for anyone who wants to enjoy the art of eating.

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